June 9, 2023

UCalgary looks to future of energy with impactful solutions, training opportunities

Join UCalgary June 13-15 at 2023 Global Energy Show
UCalgary booth at the 2022 Global Energy Show
Adrian Shellard, for the University of Calgary

The University of Calgary continues to strengthen its reputation as a global leader in energy research and innovation in the heart of Canada’s energy sector. The university’s new energy research strategy, Energy for the Common Good, was launched earlier this year, and builds on a decade of work that continues to advance research and training activities to promote transdisciplinary collaboration and energy transition.

As a leader in energy research and education, the university will be exhibiting at the Global Energy Show (GES) June 13 to 15 with engagement from 16 groups across campus including faculties, operational units, and innovation ecosystem partners. UCalgary research expertise will be highlighted in the development of new solutions, policies, and tools for: the next generation of oil and gas, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, digital technologies, and alternative energy sources such as batteries and solar power.

The university will also showcase the numerous professional development and graduate programs that are relevant to the energy sector. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about innovation supports, like UCeed Energy, and interact with a technology system developed at the university.

Demo a UCalgary-licensed technology for methane detection

Two white trucks with the PoMELO system on the roof monitor sit in front of  t

PoMELO is a methane emissions management system for detecting, monitoring, and measuring methane emissions in the upstream oil and gas sector developed at the University of Calgary and available to license through Innovate Calgary.

Courtesy of PoMELO

Visitors will have the chance to check out PoMELO, a methane emissions management system for detecting, monitoring, and measuring methane emissions in the upstream oil and gas sector. Oil and gas production is a large contributor to methane, which is one of the fastest-growing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and a significant driver of climate change.

“Methane emissions are hard to measure: You can't see it, smell it, or taste it,” says Thomas Barchyn, research project manager in the Department of Geography.

The vehicle-based system mounts on the roof of a regular field truck for crews to use as they drive around their sites to detect areas of methane emissions in real time. “Tools like PoMELO are a game changer because it gives people on the ground the information needed to find those sources of methane emissions and address them immediately.”

The PoMELO research team

Visitors to UCalgary's GES booth can meet the PoMELO team. From left: Thomas Barchyn, Clay Wearmouth, Marshall Staples, Chandler Billinghurst, Mozhou Gao, Zhenyu Xing, Tyler Gough, Michelle Clements, Chris Hugenholtz, Soroush Ojagh, Coleman Vollrath.

The research team led by Dr. Chris Hugenholtz, PhD, professor, Faculty of Arts in the Department of Geography, uses the system to aid in further research to methane emissions and allow for students to experience research in the field.

“We’re trying to apply university expertise in atmospheric science, to bridge the gap, so that people can achieve real impact in the field,” says Barchyn. The PoMELO system is available to license for industrial use through Innovate Calgary, with four trucks currently being used to collect data in the field.

While the technology was developed for the upstream oil and gas sector, the research team has embarked on a new project to leverage their expertise and apply the PoMELO system in the urban space.

The project facilitated through Urban Alliance, a strategic partnership between the university and The City of Calgary, will be using the PoMELO system as a recon tool to understand where methane is currently being emitted throughout the city.

Visitors to the University of Calgary booth at GES will not only be able to meet with the research team and see a demonstration of the PoMELO system, but also learn how the university is a fantastic place to do impactful and important work.

UCalgary at the Global Energy Show 2023 
Join UCalgary at the 2023 Global Energy Show (GES) Exhibition, June 13 to 15 at BMO Centre, Stampede Park. UCalgary will showcase our future-focused programs, world-class energy research, and opportunities to engage with us. Don't miss out on GES, North America's leading energy event. Learn more about UCalgary at GES 2023

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