Aug. 19, 2020

Online etiquette 101: Staying professional

Tips for the Zoom classroom and maintaining academic integrity
Person at a desk taking notes during an online class
Person at a desk taking notes during an online class Julia M. Cameron

The fall 2020 mixed-delivery method was announced in May. While preparing for your classes, you’ve probably had to incorporate online learning into your studies. As you'd expect, fall 2020 is going to be a little different. Instead of navigating large lecture halls and crowded hallways, you’ll now need to learn how to navigate the virtual classroom. Although some instructors are preparing online classroom guidelines, you’ll still have to figure out how to keep up with your studies, conduct yourself in Zoom classes, and find community on a campus that’s gone mostly digital.

This three-part series will share tips and resources to help you succeed in your online studies.

For tips on how to stay organized for your online classes, click here. 

For tips on how to keep yourself connected, click here.

Professionalism in the online classroom

Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you’re not a professional. It’s important to be courteous and respectful, especially online. Even though you’re sitting behind a screen and typing instead of talking, the student code of conduct still applies. This is a tricky but essential topic, and the Student Conduct Office has some helpful suggestions for managing conflict online.

During virtual courses, professionalism also means respecting the guidelines. Take a minute to review your course requirements for participation marks. You'll also need to set up your username properly. Use the same name that you used to register for the course to ensure you’re marked as present if the instructor takes attendance.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Make sure your microphone is muted if you’re not speaking
  • Upload a professional photo of yourself if you don’t want to turn your camera on
  • If your study space is your bedroom, use a virtual background to give yourself some privacy
  • Use headphones if you’re attending a lecture in a common space 
  • Use the "raise hand" function if you have a question to ask

Remember that academic integrity still applies to online courses. Learn more about the university’s academic misconduct procedures and how to maintain your academic integrity.