Aug. 19, 2020

Online etiquette 101: Getting organized

Stay on top of your online classes with these tips
Person sitting in front of a computer with a notebook open
Person sitting in front of a computer with a notebook open Unsplash

The fall 2020 mixed-delivery method was announced in May. While preparing for your classes, you’ve probably had to incorporate online learning into your studies. As you'd expect, fall 2020 is going to be a little different. Instead of navigating large lecture halls and crowded hallways, you’ll now need to learn how to navigate the virtual classroom. Although some instructors are preparing online classroom guidelines, you’ll still have to figure out how to keep up with your studies, conduct yourself in Zoom classes, and find community on a campus that’s gone mostly digital.

This three-part series will share tips and resources to help you succeed in your online studies.

For tips on how to act professionally, click here. 

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Always be prepared

Whether online or in person, one of the best ways to be successful in any course is to start planning early. Even if your syllabus isn’t available yet, you can still start preparing for the semester before you get to your virtual class. If you’ve never taken online classes before, you might feel unsure of where to start. Check out these helpful tips from the Student Success Centre (SSC) or watch the SSC's recorded workshop series on getting started.

D2L is the main delivery platform for UCalgary courses. Most instructors will upload their course outline, course schedule, learning material and assignments there. It's helpful to check out the calendar function so you can keep track of tasks and assignment due dates. If you’ve never used D2L before, or if you need to refresh your skills, the Taylor Institute has D2L tutorials and user guides.

UCalgary students also have access to Office 365, which comes with some cool tools you can use to keep track of your busy schedule:

  • You can share tasks and calendars online 
  • OneDrive allows you to save your work online too
  • Microsoft Sway and the whiteboard app can help improve your digital group projects 

You can download Office 365 for free here.

Keeping up with a routine will help you feel prepared for your school days, even if you’re staying home. You can do this by:

  • Regulating your sleep schedule by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day
  • Getting dressed every day, even if it’s in comfortable clothes.
  • Keeping your personal space (for gaming and personal chats) separate from your school space by using different browser windows.
  • Arriving on time to class just as you would in person. Being ready physically and mentally will help you be on time to classes and keep up with your tasks.

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Learn more with the online learning services offered by the SSC. You can also submit a question you have about online learning.