Feb. 3, 2021

Cade Morey: The Energize campaign's youngest donor set his sights on cancer research

Eight-year-old gifts his birthday money to UCalgary, in honour of his beloved poppa


Cade and Terry Morey

For his eighth birthday, Cade Morey decided to do something different. Instead of asking for gifts, he kindly requested that friends and family donate to lung cancer research, in hopes of helping people like his poppa.

Terry Morey was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer four years earlier and given 18 months to live. Grandfather and grandson had a tight bond, and Cade hoped with the donation to “the right research group” at the University of Calgary, they’d be able to continue to look at sports cars and watch hockey together long beyond that prognosis.

His request raised $400, and seven years later, Cade and Terry still spend time together doing things they love.

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