Sept. 17, 2019

Students, faculty and staff invited to explore gender equity, and LGBTQ2S+ inclusivity

Series of Diversity Lunch and Learns starts this fall
UCalgary campus landmark
The rock welcomes students to campus. Ewan Nicholson, for the University of Calgary

Have you ever wondered what happens in a Women’s Studies class, or how to support the career success of international students in our campus community? The Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure is inviting you to join the discussion at a series of Diversity Lunch and Learns scheduled over the next few weeks.  

The events are designed to help the campus community learn about diversity, equity and inclusion issues and to share their experiences, initiatives and accomplishments. Expert speakers lead discussions on a variety of topics. 

The session are free and open to all students, faculty and staff. Register early.

Sept. 19:  Gender Equity Issues in Higher Education
What factors might contribute to gender inequity and inequality in universities? What are the necessary steps that can and should be taken to achieve gender equity, such as career development and mentoring programs, institutional support, and programs to address bias?  Register now.

Oct. 2: Promoting a Culture of Equity and Inclusion
Come and explore ways that students, faculty and staff can align their intent with meaningful impact to support their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Register now.

Oct. 9:  Intercultural Awareness: Supporting International Students' Careers
What are the key issues that impact international students’ career prospects? Join us for a facilitated discussion focusing on approaches and practices that support the career success of international students in our campus community. Register now.

Oct. 16: A Discussion About Women’s Studies
Have you ever wondered what happens in a Women's Studies class? Are there possible connections between your area of interest, gender equity, and Women's Studies? Why are gender, race, class, and sexuality focal points within this discipline? Come with your questions and thoughts, and be prepared for a lively discussion.  Register now.

Oct. 23: Inclusive Teaching and Learning
What does it means to foster an inclusive, equitable and accessible learning environment in classrooms? Join us for a facilitated discussion about practical strategies for promoting and maintaining an open and inclusive learning environment. Register now.

Oct. 30: Intercultural Communication
Join us as we examine cross-cultural communication at the personal, organizational, societal, and international levels. This session provides the space for participants to increase their awareness about intercultural communication competence, and to learn ways to approach intercultural dialogue with greater awareness and sensitivity. Register now.

Nov. 6: LGBTQ2S+ Inclusivity
Would you like to increase your understanding of the language around LGBTQ2S+ issues and challenges? In this session, an expert speaker from Skipping Stone Foundation, will explore the LGBTQ2S+ issues landscape. Participants will develop a better understanding and learn ways to create a more inclusive campus environment for LGBTQ2S+. Register now.