July 6, 2021

Professor receives research grant

Professor Gideon Christian has received a grant from the Canadian Bar Association

Established in 1984, the Law for the Future Fund (LFFF) provides financial support for innovative Canadian research projects in the field of law.

Since its foundation, the LFFF has helped finance more than 185 innovative and timely research projects. They include issues such as the recognition of environmental rights, access to justice in civil and family matters, prostitution laws and women's equality rights, the simplification of basic principles of human rights, and ways to make legal organizations more accessible to persons with disabilities.

Gideon received a grant of more than $16,000 for his "Legal Framework for the Use of AI in the Canadian Criminal Justice System," which examines the extent to which AI tools used in determining the likelihood of reoffending reinforce implicit and explicit bias against minority groups.

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