June 28, 2022

Professor joins police technology ethics committee

Professor Gideon Christian has joined the Calgary Police Service Technology Ethics Steering Committee.

Professor Gideon Christian has joined the Calgary Police Service Technology Ethics Steering Committee, whose work is related to the use of technology in policing, such as facial recognition technologies.

The creation of the committee was announced in April and is meant to address the public’s concerns about new policing technologies. The committee will create guidelines for the use of algorithmic policing technology, and will become a permanent part of the police infrastructure in Calgary.

"I see this as a great opportunity to use my expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and law by positively contributing to my local community," says Christian. "I look forward to making valuable contributions that would assist in designing a transparent framework for the use of AI technologies in policing, especially one that would greatly assist in mitigating racial and other biases that generally arise from the adoption of AI technologies in policing."