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How to Choose a Major

Learn how the major exploration process can help you decide on your degree program

Deciding upon a degree program is a big decision, and like most big decisions in life, figuring out the best path forward can be challenging.  If you’ve been thinking about changing your major or program but aren’t sure where to start, the Major Exploration Process is a great first step. It will walk you through all the steps you need to make an informed decision about the program(s) that best fit your interests, academic abilities, and goals.

    Step 1 of the How to Choose a Major Process: Decision to be made

    Below is an outline of what you learn in each stage of the Major Exploration Process:

    • Reflect & Connect helps you understand the connections between:
      • Your motivators
      • Personality traits
      • Interests
      • Academic success
      • Potential major/program options
    • Information & Options helps you learn about:
      • Key resources  
      • How to gather information about programs 
      • How to explore potential options 
    • Evaluate & Decide helps you:
      • Put all that you’ve learned together 
      • Test your options 
      • Narrow your choices 
      • Make an informed decision 
    • Take Action helps you learn about the next steps to move forward toward your goals

    How to Choose a Major, Part 1: Introduction to the Major Exploration Process

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