How to Choose a Major: Change of Program Process

Learn key information before submitting a Change of Program application.
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Once you have decided on a new major/program, your next step is to submit a Change of Program application. Having a good understanding of how the Change of Program process works is important so that you know what you need to do to gain admission into a new program and what you can expect when your application is evaluated.

The Change of Program application must be used to make any change to your current degree program, whether adding a minor, certificate, or combined degree, or changing your degree program entirely.

  • Application open and close dates: For most programs, the application to change your program is available through your student centre from October 1 to February 1 each academic year. If admitted the change will take effect for the following Fall semester.
  • Admission requirements: Be sure to check the admission requirements of your desired program before submitting the Change of Program application to know how to become an eligible applicant. All programs have required high school courses that must be completed prior to admission. Some programs also have supplementary application requirements.
  • Admission average: All degree programs require students to meet a competitive admission average on either their high school courses or their university-level GPA. Which average is used depends on how many university-level courses you have completed by the end of the Fall semester in the year of application. Speak to an advisor to learn how your GPA will be calculated.
  • Meet with an Advisor: Discuss your plans with a program advisor in your desired faculty. Or meet with the Exploratory Advising team in the Student Success Centre if you are still unsure of your plans.

How to Choose a Major, Part 5: Change of Program Process

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