June 24, 2024

UCalgary takes centre stage at 2024 Global Energy Show

University showcases Plug and Play Innovation Zone and cross-faculty collaboration at energy sector’s premier event
Speaker stands in front of crowd at Plug and Play Theatre
Plug and Play Innovation Zone. Colleen De Neve, for the University of Calgary

The University of Calgary’s sponsorship with what aims to be a major international innovation platform was spotlighted during the recent Global Energy Show (GES). Hosted in Calgary in June, GES was one of the largest B2B (business-to-business) exhibitions and conferences, engaging people, businesses and post-secondary institutions within the energy sector.

UCalgary’s presence at GES was prominent with the university’s backing of the Plug and Play Innovation Zone, UCalgary speakers at technical and strategic events, and an exhibition booth to connect with industry professionals.

UCalgary booth, showcasing Schulich Makerspace

UCalgary Booth at Global Energy Show 2024.

Colleen De Neve

"We take pride in our connection with community, and events like this allow us to foster and maintain the strong relationships we have in the energy industry,” says Dr. Anders Nygren, PhD, vice-dean of the Schulich School of Engineering (SSE), speaking of the faculty’s enthusiasm in showcasing its education and research accomplishments at GES. A total of 12 UCalgary faculties and departments were represented. 

Nygren also announced during SSE’s reception at the Global Energy Show that the school is relaunching its Oil and Gas Engineering undergraduate program, which will be available to students entering their first year of studies this fall. 

UCalgary’s Plug and Play Innovation Zone 

Plug and Play is a venture capital firm that consists of 50,000 startups, more than 500 world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities and government agencies across multiple industries around the world. 

This was UCalgary’s first year sponsoring Plug and Play at GES as it hosted the Plug and Play Innovation Zone, a space dedicated to showcasing UCalgary’s expertise, new technologies and startups. 

This knowledge-sharing space brought together UCalgary professors, entrepreneurs and companies with panel talks, presentations and startup demo tables to showcase exciting technology. 

Strategic conference speaker a much-sought-after knowledge resource  

GES’s Strategic Conference included among its panelists the director of UCalgary’s School of Public Policy (SPP), Martha Hall Findlay, as part of the main program panel, How Realistic are COP Commitments Towards Achieving Canada’s Net-Zero Targets

The panel discussed how Canada’s new methane regulations will impact its energy and clean technology industries and explore comparisons with international policy and regulations. 

Martha Hall Findlay with a circle of people around her in chairs as she makes the welcoming remarks at the Plug and Play Innovation Zone

Martha Hall Findlay gives welcoming remarks for Plug and Play’s Innovation Zone.

Julius Allan Rondilla

Findlay, previously chief sustainability officer and chief climate officer at Suncor, is a highly sought-after asset for knowledge-sharing in the energy sector. Her work at SPP, which includes being the James S. and Barbara A. Palmer Chair in Public Policy, allows her to continue the work and discussion of policies needed in the industry. 

“There is no jurisdiction in the world that has all types of energy the way Alberta does: oil, gas, wind, solar, geothermal, hydro-electricity, biomass, hydrogen … so, Calgary and Alberta … have more knowledge about, more experience in and more to offer the world in terms of ALL types of energy,” says Findlay, who also previously served as a Member of Parliament. “UCalgary, therefore, is perfectly suited to be the Canadian and indeed global centre of all things academic related to energy.” 

Findlay was also moderator for a panel for the Canadian Council for the Americans, with a focus on the energy business in Columbia and Brazil; and she also provided welcoming remarks for the Plug and Play Innovation Zone. 

Technical conference speaker discussed work in optimizing operations 

The GES also had a Technical Conference, inviting experts to delve into cutting-edge technologies, processes and innovations shaping the energy landscape. Presentations had to be first peer-reviewed by a special committee.  

Dr. Mohan Sivagnanam, MSc’14, PhD’23, a UCalgary Postdoctoral Fellow, was chosen to showcase his presentation, “Modelling Flare Stack Purge Gas Flow for Air Ingress Control using CFD.”  

The talk highlighted Sivagnanam’s study and shared valuable findings aimed at helping the oil and gas industry optimize flare stack operations in various environments. 

UCalgary Booth at the Global Energy Show. Two UCalgary representatives greet someone at the booth.

UCalgary booth at Global Energy Show 2024.

Colleen De Neve

UCalgary and the Global Energy Show 

The Global Energy Show has been ongoing for over 55 years and UCalgary’s involvement this year was deemed a great success. 

“This (was) a great opportunity for UCalgary to show the world what we know and what we have to offer in the world (and business) of energy,” says Findlay. 

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