April 24, 2020

UCalgary Nursing donates supplies to community partners in senior care

Clinical Simulation Learning Centre shares supplies and equipment with The Brenda Strafford Foundation and Silvera for Seniors
Lucy at Wentworth
Lucy at Wentworth

As a mock hospital intent on giving nursing students a safe environment to practise their skills, UCalgary’s Nursing Clinical Simulation Learning Centre (CSLC), by necessity, uses supplies and equipment that can be found in any acute care setting. So when the pandemic shut down the university, dean Sandra Davidson asked CSLC manager Jeff Dawes to take inventory of supplies in the event the faculty would be asked to share.

"While I knew we didn’t have a huge stock of gloves, masks and sanitizers, I also knew we wouldn’t have an immediate need for whatever we did have,” says Davidson. “Why not give it to others for the greater good?"

  • Photo above: Lucy, an employee with the care team at Wentworth Manor, receives the CSLC supplies provided by UCalgary Nursing's Clinical Simulation Learning Centre.

The Brenda Strafford Foundation is a Calgary-based charitable organization that owns and operates four seniors' care centres in Calgary and Okotoks. It has a long-standing relationship with the University of Calgary through its focus on research, education and innovation in aging.

“The foundation is actively working with our suppliers to ensure we can continue to access the critical equipment and supplies we need, when we need them, to ensure our people are protected,” says Mike Conroy, president and CEO of The Brenda Strafford Foundation.

“In order to do everything we can to prepare for COVID-19, and continue to effectively prevent the occurrence or spread of COVID-19 within our manors, we’re seeking donations of spare personal protective equipment or supplies from our partners or neighbours in the community. 

This generous donation from the Nursing Clinical Simulation Learning Centre is a shining example of the invaluable partnership between the foundation and UCalgary Nursing. We appreciate them stepping up to lend a hand in this way during this challenging time.

“Brenda Strafford Foundation is one of our lovely partners,” Davidson says. “We do research together, there are opportunities for clinical practicums for our students and we have a great relationship on many fronts. They care for the most vulnerable of our population so, in the spirit of goodwill, why wouldn’t we do our part?”

The CSLC has also loaned five Exergen temporal thermometers to two Silvera for Seniors facilities.

In her contract role as Silvera’s resident COVID screening co-ordinator, UCalgary Nursing doctoral student Jennifer Johns requested the thermometers since Silvera was experiencing a shortage. Nursing students will be at both the Aspen and Spruce locations of Silvera and will be using the instruments to assist with screening.

The CSLC’s lab monitor Deb Banack delivered the thermometers last week.

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