Feb. 2, 2018

Old Japan Redux Volume 4

The fall 2017 Japanese Civilization class (JPNS 317.01) proudly announces the fourth volume of "Old Japan Redux"


Old Japan Redex 4 -- fascinating stories from ancient Japan!

The Japanese Civilization class (JPNS 317.01) in fall 2017 proudly announces the fourth volume of "Old Japan Redux", a collection of five fictional stories and three comic works selected from the term report submitted at the end of the last year.

Edited by Prof. X. Jie Yang and assisted by Emily Chiasson, this collection presents an unique way to retell stories and historical events from the history of Japan, and to share a contemporary reading about the past by the young mind of Canadian. It well reflects the enthusiastic learning and wonderful outcomes through out the rather short 37 hours of the classes.

Please download it and enjoy the reading.

Learn more about the old Japan Redux project.