Oct. 25, 2018

Meet our 2018 BDP Scholar: Erin Anderson

Summer jobs helped Erin pursue a career in law.

As an involved member of her community, Erin Anderson has always cared deeply about her roots and is excited to return to Calgary to pursue her law degree. 

Throughout her undergraduate degree, Erin chose to pursue opportunities that allowed her to give back to her peers and the greater community. Because of this involvement, Erin was awarded the Faculty of Law’s Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP Entrance Scholarship. With a value of $60,000 over three years, this is the largest scholarship of its kind in Canada and is awarded based on academic merit and community leadership.

While working towards her Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences (Hons) and Minor in Music from Dalhousie University, Erin supplemented her academics by working in field placements and summer positions in the energy industry in Calgary. Through these positions, Erin gained insight into how the law shaped Calgary’s biggest industry. When considering how these experiences influenced her decision to pursue law, Erin felt that “working for these organizations was a great introduction to the field, and helped me realize that my interests and abilities were best suited to a career in law.”

Erin is no stranger to volunteering and spent her time at Dalhousie volunteering in numerous executive roles, including Vice President External for the Society of Dalhousie Music Students. In 2016 she was elected by her peers as the Dalhousie Science Society Representative on the Dawson Geology Council. In this role, she coordinated fundraising efforts and helped plan weekly social events.

Erin Anders, 2018 BDP Scholar

Erin Anderson is the 2018 Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP Entrance Scholarship winner.

Adrian Shellard

Erin’s roots in Calgary go beyond the energy industry. She has been an active member of several choirs since 2014, including the EnChor Chamber Choir in Calgary. Erin makes time to give back by volunteering at the Calgary Food Bank where she takes client request for food hampers, and often stocks the hampers herself. She remains committed to her community involvement as she works to meet the demands of law school.

Erin chose to pursue her legal education at the University of Calgary because she was interested in the pragmatic skills-based focus of the Calgary Curriculum. Knowing that she was interested in practicing law in the energy sector, Erin believed that the Curriculum would give her a competitive edge in the industry. The Calgary Curriculum encompasses this practical aspect as a complement to theoretical learning by giving students early opportunities to engage with real-world legal problems and practices.

As a dedicated student that cares deeply about the communities she is a member of, Erin is sure to be fulfilled during her time at the University of Calgary, where she currently works on the Discovery House project for Pro Bono Students Canada, and is a newly minted member of the Business Law Association, the Law Student Ambassador Program, and the Environmental Law Society.