Feb. 28, 2024

Honouring the educators who inspire our community

2023 University of Calgary Teaching Awards recognize recipients for their outstanding contributions to student learning
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Elyse Bouvier, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

  • Top row, from left: Nayantara Govindrajan, Shahina Wiehler, Tanisha Henry, Angelique Jenney. Second row, from left: Glenn Dolphin, Quan Long, Sarah Anderson, Chantel Large. Third row, from left: Nadia Delanoy, Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri, Hinako Ishikawa, Scott Radford. Fourth row, from left: Anurag, Social Work Field Education Team, Heather Clitheroe, Danny Glin. Bottom row, from left: Michael Wright, Amy Burns, Maria Victoria Guglietti, Katharine Alix Hayden.

Each year, the University of Calgary Teaching Awards recognize the efforts of educators whose curiosity, ambition and leadership has enriched student learning. Recipients are nominated by their peers across 15 award categories that honour outstanding work in areas including Indigenous Ways of Knowing, team teaching, workplace-integrated education, educational leadership and more. 

Celebrating how educators have adapted their teaching practice has felt like an annual tradition in recent years. The mantra "embrace change" became both an aspirational goal and a guideline for what continues to be a transformational period in post-secondary education.

The Teaching Awards are a reminder that, amid the quickening pace of change, educators embrace each other’s knowledge and recognize the incredible work that happens at UCalgary every day.

“No matter what role we fulfill at the University of Calgary, it is our job to spark curiosity, fuel discovery and encourage critical thinking,” says President Ed McCauley, PhD, FRSC. 

“The Teaching Awards are a reminder to recognize the transformative leaders and changemakers across campus who are deeply invested in student success. My congratulations to all the honourees this year.”

The 2023 Teaching Awards include the inaugural presentation of the Award for Inclusive Excellence that recognizes a recipient’s commitment to creating equitable and accessible student learning environments and experiences. 

“Students excel when we create an environment that challenges them, that cares for them, and welcomes and respects different ways of learning,” says Dr. Penny Werthner, interim provost and vice-president (academic). “This award recognizes educators who nurture diversity and create spaces where all students can grow and thrive."

"Each and every award recipient should be proud of their work and commitment to teaching excellence that supports the UCalgary student experience.”

Recipients will have their awards presented at the annual Celebration of Teaching on Feb. 28, an event that brings together the teaching and learning community to recognize the many contributions to excellence across our campuses. 

2023 University of Calgary Teaching Award recipients

Continuing and Professional Education
Heather Clitheroe, MA | Continuing Education

Educational Leadership (Group) 
Social Work Field Education Team (Patti-Jo Aiken, Carrie Blaug, Dr. Amy Fulton, PhD, Stephanie Grant, Leeann Hilsen, Daljit Kaur, Angela Judge-Stasiak, Lorraine Letkemann, Julie Mann-Johnson, Krista Osborne, MSW, Wendy Sera, Dr. Serena Visser, PhD)

Educational Leadership (Individual, Formal)
Dr. Amy Burns, PhD | Werklund School of Education

Educational Leadership (Individual, Informal)
Dr. Sarah Anderson, PhD | Cumming School of Medicine

Experiential Learning Initiatives 
Dr. Angelique Jenney, PhD | Faculty of Social Work

Full-Time Academic Staff (Assistant Professor - Teaching) 
Dr. Maria Victoria Guglietti, PhD | Faculty of Arts

Full-Time Academic Staff (Associate Professor - Teaching) 
Dr. Glenn Dolphin, PhD | Faculty of Science

Full-Time Academic Staff (Associate Professor)
Dr. Scott Radford, PhD | Haskayne School of Business

Full-Time Academic Staff (Professor) 
Dr. Michael Wright, PhD | Haskayne School of Business

Graduate Assistant (Teaching)
Anurag | Faculty of Arts

Graduate Assistant (Teaching) 
Nayantara Govindrajan | Faculty of Science

Graduate Assistant (Teaching) 
Tanisha Henry | Faculty of Science

Graduate Supervision
Dr. Quan Long, PhD | Cumming School of Medicine

Inclusive Excellence (Individual)
Dr. Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri, PhD | Faculty of Arts

Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Chantel Large | Faculty of Social Work

Librarians, Archivists and Curators: 
Dr. Katharine Alix Hayden, PhD | Libraries and Cultural Resources

Non-Academic Staff (Individual) 
Danny Glin | Faculty of Science

Non-Academic Staff (Individual)
Shahina Wiehler | Cumming School of Medicine

Sessional Instructor
Hinako Ishikawa | Faculty of Arts

Sessional Instructor
Dr. Nadia Delanoy, PhD | Werklund School of Education

About the University of Calgary Teaching Awards

Since 2014, the University of Calgary Teaching Awards have recognized and celebrated outstanding contributions to teaching and learning. The awards comprise 15 categories that recognize teaching excellence in diverse learning contexts -- students, faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate people who make outstanding contributions to teaching and learning at UCalgary every year. 

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