Sept. 24, 2021

What We Are Learning This Week with Dr. Saira Bano

POLI 283 Issues and Trends in World Politics
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September 27, 2021 in POLI 283 Issues and Trends in World Politics

Dr. Saira Bano is exploring major events of the Cold War and how the great power rivalry shaped International politics and the process of globalization.


Can you tell us a little more about this topic?

The Cold War witnessed the complete globalization of political conflict. This sharp political divide coexisted with economic globalization, but the peaceful end to the intractable US-Soviet rivalry offered hope that global conflict can be prevented from escalating into global confrontation and that global conflicts need not be resolved by world wars. This week, POLI 283 is examining the impact of the Cold War on the global politics and how despite the present dangers of ethnic conflict, terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the same hope animated the post-Cold War era.

Saira Bano

What else do you cover in your course?

POLI 283 covers the most salient issues and trends in contemporary world politics. The field of world politics can span the continuum from open warfare to peaceful cooperation. Some countries fight wars against one another, while other countries have managed to live in peace by engaging in economic cooperation. On the one hand, globalization seems to have reduced the relevance of the nation-state and creating opportunities of international cooperation through institutions. On the other hand, globalization is fuelling the rise of nationalism and other challenges. Understanding this varied landscape of conflict and cooperation is task of this course.

What do you love about teaching this course?

The thing I love most about this course is that students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the most salient issues and trends in contemporary world politics through interactive class. Engaged students are highly motivated to learn, interested in material and think critically about important concepts in class. They identify and analyze the connection between world politics theories and current events. It stimulates their interests how theoretical constructs shed light on current events.

Finally, what other courses would you recommend for students interested this topic?

Students interested in global politics can get an in-depth knowledge by taking courses related to International Relations like POLI 381 Intro to International Relations, INTR 301 A Multidisciplinary Survey of International Relations, and INTR 501 Advanced Seminar in International Relations. Students interested in specific topics of global politics can enhance their knowledge by taking a wide range of courses that the department offers.

Our Thanks to Dr. Saira Bano for sharing your course with us!

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