Oct. 30, 2014

Werklund announces community-based bachelor of education

Flexible new options let students streamline their studies and remain in home community


Betty Rice

Dianne Gereluk, associate dean of undergraduate programs in the Werklund School of Education, says the community-based pathway gives students living at a distance from a college or university an option in obtaining a four-year BEd.

Dianne Gereluk, associate dean of undergraduate programs in the Werklund School of Education.

Clayton MacGillivray, University of Calgary

Some people who enter post-secondary education are uncertain of their plans for the degree. It’s not uncommon for these students, once they’ve begun their studies, to change their focus once or twice or even more, before they finally figure out where they’d like to go with their careers.

For others, there’s no question: They come into university knowing exactly what they want to do, and they concentrate on achieving that goal and getting out into the world.

A new path to becoming a teacher is now available through the Werklund School of Education.

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s now official. The Werklund School has just announced the renewal of its four-year BEd with unique options. Approved by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education earlier this month, the first class of this initiative will get underway in less than a year.

“We’ll still be offering the five- and six-year options, which are very popular,” says Dianne Gereluk, associate dean of undergraduate programs. “And now we have an additional option for the BEd that allows our students to streamline their studies and finish the program in four years.”

The four-year BEd will be offered in two ways: students living in or near Calgary will take their classes on campus, and the Werklund School will also offer a community-based program, which is designed to support students not in close proximity to a college or university to participate in post-secondary teacher education.

Both the on-campus and the community-based options in the renewed four-year BEd will launch in 2015; applications are now open for early admission and scholarship opportunities. Visit Werklund’s Undergraduate Programs page for more information on this program as well as the other options for the Bachelor of Education program.