July 15, 2019

We'll be back after a short break

Newly redesigned UToday returns July 22
Members of the campus community keep Rex busy at one of the event milestones of the year: the annual President's Barbecue.
Members of the campus community keep Rex busy at the annual Stampede President's Barbecue. Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

Monday marked the end of an era at UToday.

For the past 11 years, faculty, staff, and subscribers have received UToday — the University of Calgary’s daily e-newsletter — in their inboxes each weekday morning (with abbreviated schedules at various times throughout the year). The newsletter and the associated web pages have been published in much the same fashion all that time, with one design update about five years ago. Believe it or not, if you’re a regular reader, you’ve viewed more than 10,000 stories, announcements, invitations and celebrations of life across the campuses of UCalgary.

Change is in the wind. This year, all University of Calgary websites are undergoing a revamp from the current platform to a new and improved one.

UToday is no different. Over the last several months, the UToday team has been working behind the scenes preparing for the transition. Feedback from the recent UToday reader survey helped guide the in-house development of easy-to-use search tools, a comprehensive events calendar, and a more seamless experience navigating the university’s extensive network of sites.

The updated version of the news website, which is mobile-responsive, sharpens the focus on key areas of strategic interest to the university: the teaching and learning experience, research impact, and engagement with our communities.

UToday made its digital debut on Sept. 8, 2008.

UToday made its digital debut on Sept. 8, 2008.

“Readers tell us they rely on UToday to help keep them informed and up to date,” says David Hedley, UToday managing editor, Strategic Communications. “The news and information supports employees in their jobs and builds awareness across campus. And it was gratifying to see, in the survey results, the pride about our research accomplishments — whether it’s from the standpoint of personal interest, or in seeing the difference that university scholars are making in the community.”

Starting Tuesday, the task of moving UToday content into the new space begins. Today’s edition of the email is the last readers will receive in the current format. There will be a short break in regular publication of the newsletter for the remainder of the week to allow for the migration of past content and the launch of the newly constructed site.

When the UToday email returns a week from today, on Monday, July 22, readers will find a refreshed newsletter in their inboxes and a dramatically revamped website. The new, integrated site will be called UCalgary News, reflecting its unique position as a global digital news resource — with roots deep in our own campus community.

One of the features to be included in our first edition will be a guide to the changes and some information on how to navigate the new pages.

In the meantime, despite the suspension of the email, there will be no interruption in our ability to publish and circulate news online this week. Contact utoday@ucalgary.ca if you have any questions. And watch for our new-look email next week!

Six years after its debut, UToday underwent its first design revamp.

Six years after its debut, UToday underwent its first design revamp.