Webinar series informs community agencies on COVID-19 risks and safety measures

Webinar series informs community agencies on COVID-19 risks and safety measures

People experiencing homelessness are particularly at risk when it comes to the COVID-19 virus. These populations have higher incidences of chronic illness, and often don’t have access to adequate sanitation or spaces to self-isolate if they show symptoms. Since the beginning of the pandemic, agencies working with this population have scrambled to meet the needs of their clients in a safe and effective way, while raising the alarm about insufficient resources and information.

A new webinar series is offering essential information to the providers that care for vulnerable, high risk populations during this unprecedented health emergency. The Caring for Vulnerable Populations in a Time of Crisis webinar series is designed for front-line staff working in shelters, housing first programs, place-based permanent supportive housing, or front-line staff working with vulnerable populations who use substances.

Presented by Street CCRED – a collaboration of community members, front-line service providers, academics, programs and agencies – this series will help participants understand COVID-19 and how it affects their work environment. 

There will also be an opportunity after every presentation for a question and answer period with webinar hosts, Westside Harm Reduction.

Webinar organizers say protecting the general public means supporting these agencies throughout this pandemic, and stress the importance of keeping this virus from spreading across a vulnerable population—and then to everyone else—weeks and months into the future.

The Caring for Vulnerable Populations in Times of Crisis initiative is funded by the Calgary Foundation through a grant to Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary.

May 22 webinar, 10 a.m. Hugs, Drugs and Trends In the Community  

An interactive presentation designed to talk about Drug Use and Drug Trends in the Community. This presentation will be approximately an hour long and will cover CNS depressants and stimulants such as: Fentanyl, Heroin, Benzodiazepines, Methamphetamine and Cocaine.  

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