Dec. 14, 2020

We have the answers to your most common questions! - December 2020

We polled our Recruitment and Admission Teams to hear the most common questions they received this month from prospective students, parents, and counsellors, and we want to share their responses with you!
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We polled our Recruitment and Admission Teams to hear the most common questions they received

Many provinces are no longer requiring students to write provincial exams. How will this impact my application if I choose not to write my diploma exam?

For high school applicants, all grades, as reported by the reporting authority in the country, province, or territory will be used, with or without a final examination/diploma exam. We encourage all prospective students to monitor our COVID-19 Admission webpage for updates. University of Calgary is committed to supporting students during this time and we will continue to communicate with students and schools to ensure students are not disadvantaged and are supported as they begin their post-secondary journey.


If I accept my offer to my second choice, will I still be considered for my first choice?

If you receive an offer of admission to your second choice program, you’ll still be considered for your first choice program. Additionally, once you pay the admission deposit, you don’t have to pay it again; your admission deposit will be automatically moved when you accept your first choice. To learn more about first and second choice offers, please click here.


I didn’t receive an offer for early admission. What happens with my application now?

The vast majority of applicants to UCalgary will receive their offers in mid-February once first term results are submitted! Your application will be automatically re-reviewed once the admission office receives your first term results (or new mid-term scores). With that said, we recommend re-reviewing your second choice on your application. If you wish to change your 2nd choice, you can do so until March 1, 2021. Click here for instructions on how to change your program choices. Or here for video instructions.


My admission average was higher than the estimated competitive admission average I see online. Why didn’t I receive an offer of admission?

UCalgary publishes estimated competitive admission averages each year on our admission website to help students with an idea of which programs they will be competitive for. These averages are an estimation of what we believe the competitive admission average will be. Admission averages are dynamic and are based on the competitive applicant pool that applies – they may change throughout the cycle as the pool of applicants is understood. A smaller number of offers are issued during early review at a higher academic average and offers in July when final grades are received are made to applicants with the highest admission average first (top-down).


I’m not completing a required grade 12 course until the winter term. Will I be at a disadvantage?

Every program will have five-faculty specific subjects required for admission – lookup your program of interest to see the required courses. As a current high school student, University of Calgary will review your application with your grade 11 required course if the grade 12 required course is not completed. Note that all courses must be completed by June 30, 2021, to qualify for the fall 2021 intake.


I haven’t applied yet; am I too late?

It is certainly not too late to apply! The application deadline for the fall 2021 intake is March 1, 2021. We recommend students apply as early as possible and have a dedicated recruitment team for your province or country to help you start the process!


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