Visions of Change Conference

March 10, 2022

Visions of Change: A CMF Graduate Student Conference

The University of Calgary’s Department of Communication, Media and Film presents Visions of Change: A CMF Graduate Student Conference, May 10 - May 11 2022

Visions of Change: A CMF Graduate Student Conference

May 10 - May 11 2022, 11:30 am to 3:30 pm

Online via Zoom 

(Potential in-person social events on May 11) *

This year’s CMF Graduate Student Conference theme is Visions of Change. We chose this theme to focus on research that is forward-looking and evokes new perspectives. In light of the struggles we have faced globally and within our own communities in the past two years, we believe that it is more imperative than ever to spotlight critical, creative, and hopeful scholarship.

  • What do we mean by ‘vision’?

We chose the word vision to represent our desire to envision a brighter future ahead in our society and in scholarship, through inspiring, insightful, and innovative research.

  • Why ‘change’?

If the past two years of this pandemic have taught us anything, it is recognizing the importance of ongoing transformations in communication, media, technology, and culture in our everyday lives. We are eager to showcase work that critically reflects on the changes we have experienced as a society, and that is ingrained with revolutionary hope, positivity, and inclusivity.


This is a call for papers for the Visions of Change conference. Please submit your proposal here by the proposal submission deadline on March 31, 2022

Below are some examples of topics you may wish to present on for this year’s Visions of Change conference:

  • Media and activism (anti-racism, feminism, anticolonialism, etc.)
  • Representations and power in media
  • Popular culture in the media, and media identities (influencers, etc.)
  • New media industries (social media platforms, etc.)
  • Cinema, documentary, photography, and sound as mediums of change
  • Algorithmic media
  • Digital citizenship 
  • The digital divide and inequities to access
  • Censorship and other challenges to journalism and reporting

These are only some topics you may wish to address during the conference this year; proposal submissions that fall under the umbrella of this year’s theme are encouraged even if they do not directly address one of the topics listed.

The Visions of Change conference welcomes any proposal submissions for the following presentation formats:

  • Short talks (200-word abstract): A shorter presentation, lasting 5 minutes in duration. An ideal option for a presenter that desires to share and discuss an idea or research-in-progress work that may not be fully developed or completed. First-time presenters, senior undergraduate students and MA students are all encouraged to apply.
  • Long talks (300-word abstract): A longer presentation, lasting 10-15 minutes in duration. An ideal option for a presenter seeking to share and discuss a more developed analysis on a research topic of their choosing.
  • We also welcome proposals for alternative formats. Proposal submissions should include a short description of the desired format and time allotment (minimum 5 minutes and maximum 20 minutes) in addition to the accompanying 200-word proposal/abstract. While it is not guaranteed, we will try our best to accommodate an alternative format.

Please, note that time will be set aside for a Q&A session after the presentation(s).

While writing your proposal, all applicants are asked to consider an equity, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI) framework in their submission. Please ensure that you have completed the EDI pledge in your proposal form. More information regarding the EDI framework can be found on the webpage for the University of Calgary’s Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion here

If you have any questions about this CFP, please reach out to Berenice Cancino ( or Xenia Reloba de la Cruz (

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions!

*This conference will be held online (via Zoom) out of an abundance of caution because of the evolving and uncertain circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on public health restrictions and the safety of potential participants in the city of Calgary. The feasibility of organizing optional in-person social events as part of the CMF Graduate Student Conference will be determined at a later date and will be conveyed to conference participants.