Feb. 8, 2024

Video: Snyder member Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta shares insights into her lifelong study of the human microbiome

Dr. Arrieta, recently inducted into the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, discusses her research program, which studies the establishment of the microbiome during early life and its influence in pediatric immune, metabolic and neurological development.

We are born without microbes, and then we become completely colonized with them. Through her research, Dr. Arrieta realized that this very large collection of microbes has a significant impact on our trajectory of infant health versus disease: conditions such as asthma, allergies, obesity and autism. She says, "We’re learning that this large collection of microbes trains the way we develop." 

Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta, PhD

Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta Shares insight into her internationally leading research into the human microbiome.

University of Calgary

Dr. Arrieta is an international emerging leader at the forefront of the human microbiome field. As someone who is excited about research in general and has always been committed to understanding her surroundings, from a young age Dr. Arrieta has been passionate about tiny forms of life – microbes – and this interest continues throughout her life. “It’s something I try and share with the people I’m lucky to work and train with.” Watch the video.