Nov. 13, 2019

UCalgary supports your academics and wellness

When you attend the University of Calgary, you’re not only supported academically but also for your well-being

Attending a post-secondary institution is an exciting time, but it can be daunting. Adrianna Cooper, student support advisor and Schulich’s wellness coordinator, says the trick to not letting it get to you is to take preventative measures.


“Whether you enjoy journaling or exercise, do the things that work for you and keep up healthy eating and sleeping habits,” she says, adding it’s important to do extracurriculars. “Build a community and get involved on campus.”


If you enjoy being active, UCalgary has many options to help you stay active on campus. Student Wellness Services offers many workshops on topics like transitioning from high school to university, time management, mindfulness and more. These workshops, such as Holistic Ways of Wellbeing or Tapping into Your Creative Self, are offered by knowledgeable specialists who are dedicated to helping students make the most of their university experience.


“Student Wellness Services also has counsellors, student advisors, physicians, nurses and massage therapy — there are great people to support you,” says Cooper.


You can also access resources for academic support through the Student Success Centre. You can attend writing workshops, learn about academic integrity or access advising.


Or if you simply want to speak to another student, there are a number of peer support options.


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