UCalgary recognizes campus sustainability leaders

O’Brien Institute members among 2020 Sustainability Award finalists

Through its 2020 Sustainability Awards, UCalgary is acknowledging a number of sustainability leaders, and the work of Institute members is being highlighted.

Dr. Gregor Wolbring, PhD, is a finalist for the University of Calgary ‘Faculty Sustainability Research Award.’ His work aims to improve the quality of life of disabled people and society at large through work on sustainability and ecoableism.

Wolbring’s research adds to the understanding of how disabled people are impacted by sustainability discourses, and how the lens of eco-ableism can be used to enrich all sustainability discourses.

Between 2010-2019, Wolbring’s group has published more than 20 peer-reviewed pieces on sustainability issues such as social sustainability, education for sustainable development and water, food and energy security, ecohealth and ecoableism. He contributed to the UN Flagship Report on Disability and Development.  

Dr. Brent Hagel and Dr. Gregor Wolbring

Dr. Brent Hagel, PhD, and Dr. Gregor Wolbring, PhD, are finalists for the UCalgary ‘Faculty Sustainability Research Award 2020.

Dr. Brent Hagel, PhD, is a finalist for the ‘Faculty Sustainability Research Award,’ for his work as the nominated PI on CHASE (Child Active transportation Safety and the Environment). He worked with a number of other PIs, co-PIs Andrew Howard, Alison MacPherson, and Pamela Fuselli, along with many students, research coordinators and partners on the program.

CHASE is a national program working toward preventing youth injuries while focusing on sustainable transportation.

CHASE seeks to influence urban planning to promote active transportation in youth, while simultaneously reducing its safety risk, in addition to the social and economic burdens associated with some of the leading causes of injury in children and adolescents.

The winner of the 2020 Faculty Sustainability Research Award is Dr. Tricia Stadnyk, PhD, associate professor (geography), Faculty of Arts for her project, Using water isotopes to assess and predict changes in global water balance.

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