Nov. 27, 2020

UCalgary Political Science Congratulates: Karolina Krisandova!

2019-20 winner of the Barbara and Murray Smith Scholarship in Canadian Politics!
Karolina Krisandova
Karolina Krisandova

Barbara and Murray Smith Scholarship in Canadian Politics (valued at up to $1,600) is offered annually to a continuing undergraduate student entering the final year in the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Political Science and focusing on Canadian politics. This scholarship is made possible by Nova Chemicals, Inc., the Varsity Conservative Party Riding Association, and a matching allocation from the Faculty of Social Sciences. This award is made in recognition of the distinguished service of Murray Smith.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am currently a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Arts pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Relations. Originally, my major was just Political Science, but given my own international background and interest in global governance, it only felt natural to expand my degree to include International Relations. The areas of political science that I have been interested in varied over the course of my degree, as I was finding my bearings in the program. They still remain quite diverse, but recent examples include federal-provincial relations and the human rights regime. The program has given me a well-rounded perspective on both domestic and global political systems and the issues facing them, and the ability to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversation I find myself a part of.

Karolina Krisandova

Tell us about how the Canadian politics courses you have taken have contributed to your academic development current research interests?

A nuanced understanding of the Canadian political system has been a useful tool in analyzing its unique merits as well as challenges. For me, an important part of Canadian politics is learning about Indigenous history and governance, and how we can contribute to reconciliation and establishing a meaningful Indigenous presence in Canadian politics that creates fair and sustainable solutions. The comparative dimension of Canadian politics is also invaluable, as the knowledge of our national politics is essential for understanding how Canada interacts with other countries, and how we can move forward as a part of the globalized world.

After your degree, are there any plans that you would like to share?

Pursuing a master’s degree is definitely in my purview, but my priority right now is to narrow down my academic focus and practically situate it in the working world, which I believe requires practical knowledge and skills that I’m still lacking and look forward to acquiring.


Congratulations to Karolina Krisandova on the 2019–20 Barbara and Murray Smith Scholarship in Canadian Politics!


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