Oct. 14, 2020

UCalgary Application Tips

We hope you’re as excited as we are, because as of October 1, 2020, UCalgary’s fall 2021 undergraduate application is now open!

We gathered some tips to help you with your application process:

  1. Apply early! Don’t wait to start your application. Scholarship and award applications are due by December 1, and you won’t be able to apply for these until after your University of Calgary application for admission is submitted. Start the application process here—and if you need additional tips, check out this helpful document!
  2. Explore different programs. Although visiting our campus this year may be different , we’ve worked hard to provide all the information you’ll need to decide online. Explore the University of Calgary’s unique programs and program combinations to find out which you’re interested in, and then “test drive” those programs by attending virtual faculty information nights, listening to our Choose UCalgary Podcast and checking out the faculty research happening to see what you could do with your degree.
  3. Do your research! When you apply, you’ll select two programs as your first and second choices. If you’re unsure about your program choices, reach out to one of our recruiters to help. Don’t leave the second choice blank — do your research and find something else that interests you.
  4. Apply for scholarships. Start applying for our prestige and entrance awards as soon as you submit your undergraduate application! The prestige deadline is December 1, so don’t wait until you’ve received an offer of admission to apply for awards, or it might be too late.
  5. Submit your documents. If you’re a student who has only attended school in Alberta, sit back and relax. We’ll receive all your documents automatically — there’s nothing to do on your part. If you’re from outside of Alberta, this is for you. Make sure you check out the To Do list on your student centre and submit the documents we require as soon as possible so we can review your application. Without these documents, no decisions can be made.

Still looking for more tips? You can check out even more helpful resources here.

Good luck with your application!