Aug. 24, 2020

Tips to help you find additional funding

Scholarships, awards and bursaries are a great way to help pay for your post-secondary education.
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Scholarships, awards and bursaries are a great way

Here are a few tips to help with finding and applying for awards, as well as an overview of the kinds of awards that are available:

If you’re not sure what to apply for, contact the Student Success Centre. One of their academic development specialists can help you explore the different awards you can apply for, and they’ll also show you how to navigate the application process.

You can look up all of the awards available to you as a student through our online awards database. The tool allows you to filter your results using search criteria such as citizenship and residency, faculty, year of study and other special considerations.

It’s best to visit the awards website frequently. There you’ll find the most current information and awards with upcoming deadlines highlighted for your convenience.