July 10, 2020

SAPL professor appointed to expert panel that will review affordable housing in Alberta

Dr. Sasha Tsenkova one of 10 experts appointment by the Alberta's Seniors and Housing Minister, Josephine Pon

The Province of Alberta announced that an expert panel formed to review affordable housing. The independent Affordable Housing Review Panel will bring a new vision for affordable housing into focus.

The independent Affordable Housing Review Panel will bring a new vision for affordable housing into focus.

Seniors and Housing Minister Josephine Pon has appointed 10 experts to an independent panel, led by MLA Mickey Amery, to conduct a review that will provide recommendations to transform affordable housing. Through this review, the panel will identify ways to make the affordable housing system better serve Albertans in need as well as make more efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

“Affordable housing is essential for competitive and resilient communities. During the current pandemic, it shelters Albertans from economic shocks, provides a place to work, learn and recover from social stress. The ecosystem of affordable housing providers requires resources, commitment and innovative strategies to address growing housing challenges.” - Dr. Sasha Tsenkova, professor, University of Calgary

Panel members bring a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds as housing providers, developers and civil society organizations to identify innovative solutions for Albertans in need of housing. The panel will also receive submissions on populations most in need of affordable housing.

Specifically, the panel will consider:

  • The role the Government of Alberta plays in providing affordable housing.
  • Simplifying or easing regulatory structures that create costs and red tape for housing providers.
  • Gaps in the current affordable housing system.
  • Innovative approaches that will enable government and its partners to meet increasing demand for affordable housing.

The Affordable Housing Review Panel members are:

  • Mickey Amery, chair – MLA for Calgary-Cross
  • Paul Boskovich – president, Genstar Development Company
  • Lauren Ingalls – chief administrative officer, Westwinds Communities
  • Jeffrey Johnson – consultant and former Alberta MLA and cabinet minister
  • Sam Kolias – co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer, Boardwalk REIT
  • Javaid (Jerry) Naqvi – chairman and founder, Cameron Development Corporation
  • Marcia Nelson – executive fellow, University of Calgary
  • Raymond Swonek – chief executive officer, GEF Seniors Housing
  • Dr. Sasha Tsenkova – professor, University of Calgary
  • Rachelle Venne – chief executive officer, Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women

Excerpted from the Province of Alberta's media release dated July 9, 2020. Read the full media release on the Province of Alberta's website.