Feb. 28, 2022

Return to campus and masking rules

Message to the campus community as we return to in-person instruction

Welcome to campus

Returning to campus will be a new experience for all of us.

For many of our students, faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars, the resumption of in-person instruction on Feb. 28 will be their first time studying or working on campus. Others may be returning to campus for a new job or have classes in a new building.

Here are a few resources that can help you navigate on campus:

As we all find our way again, please share your knowledge of UCalgary campus with others who may need some directions or a bit of help.


The University of Calgary is retaining its mask mandate until the end of the winter term. This is to acknowledge previous commitments made to students, faculty and staff that masks would be retained for the duration of the current term. Masks continue to be required in all UCalgary buildings until April 29. A suitable mask, covering the nose and mouth, is expected within UCalgary buildings. 

Masks may be removed only under the following conditions:

  • alone at a workstation and separated by at least two metres distance or a physical barrier from all other persons
  • while instructing or presenting in a class, lab or work setting if separated by at least two metres from all other persons
  • while attending a workplace meeting where all attendees are stationary and at least two metres distanced from all other persons
  • seated while actively consuming food or drink (i.e., when taking a sip or a bite, otherwise mask is in place)
  • while actively participating in:
    • a physical fitness activity
    • a worship service on campus
    • a performance arts activity (theatrical/drama, vocal/singing or dance) where it is not possible to where a face mask

Please stay home when sick

It is important for every member of the campus community to commit to staying home when sick. Please stay home at the onset of any COVID-19 symptoms, even if you have taken a rapid test and it is negative. Staying home when sick is a key way to reduce the spread on campus.

Look out for each other

Everyone has different needs and comfort levels as we return to campus so it’s essential we be kind to one another. We have all been through a lot as we’ve navigated COVID-19. Over the past two years, you have demonstrated great compassion, support and kindness to each other. As we move back to campus next week, please continue the flexibility and understanding you have shown with your colleagues and fellow students.

If you or someone you know needs support, please reach out for help. We have access to a host of mental health supports that are available remotely for those in our university community who need it.