April 23, 2021

Public health nurse says volunteering helps her connect to community and next generation of nurses

Longtime NurseMentor Lani Babin, BN’97, shares what inspires her to mentor nursing students and new grads
Lani Babin, Nurse Mentor at UCalgary Nursing
Lani Babin

To honour National Volunteer Week, we're pleased to highlight a few great volunteers from our nursing community. Read below to hear from a longtime mentor with UCalgary’s NurseMentor program who, out of a desire to work with students and reflect on her own practice, has helped guide the next generation of nurses.

“Volunteering has always taught me so much about people, programs, and opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. Whether it be on a community board, advisory committee, or with my children’s activities, there is so much to gain when you can connect with the communities that are important to you.

I started volunteering in the NurseMentor program because I enjoy working with nursing students and new grads. I love the questions and curiosity that they bring to the table, and I wanted to strengthen my coaching and mentorship skills to be a better leader at work.

“Being part of this program and developing relationships with the nursing students allows me to reflect on my nursing practice more deeply, and see my role from a new perspective. I have gained a greater appreciation for the privilege of being a nurse, and I’m always left re-invigorated and more passionate about my work. These valuable partnerships have also inspired me to pursue graduate studies.”

Lani Babin is a public health nurse, specializing in school health. She has a passion for upstream health care, and appreciates the value of health promotion. She is currently studying if using text messaging to promote health with adolescent populations is an acceptable and feasible school nursing strategy. Currently, she is supporting the COVID-19 pandemic response by working in Communicable Disease Control to support case investigation and contact tracing, as well as COVID-19 immunization clinics.

For more information on the NurseMentor program, click link below.