Aug. 17, 2020

Professor published in business law journal

Professor Ryan Clements has published an article in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law.

Ryan's article, "Are ETFs Making Some Asset Managers Too Interconnected to Fail?", is the first, in a growing body of literature on ETFs, to provide a comprehensive inquiry into their systemic importance through the lens of interconnectivity. The article provides three unique contributions. First, it shows how ETFs are creating deep and complex interconnections between numerous market participants and service providers, extending to retail and institutional investors, and corporate behaviors and decisions. Second, it illustrates how ETF interconnection creates direct and indirect systemic risk transmission pathways, with unique factors not present in other managed asset products, like the reliance on key market-incentivized intermediaries in a crisis, crowd behaviors from correlated investment exposures, information cascades, runs, fire sales, and non-linear impacts. Finally, it shows how the effective monitoring of ETF systemic risk requires a cross-market analysis to assess the collective behaviors of numerous participants in a complex and interconnected operating ecosystem, and how both activity and entity-level oversight is prudent in this market.

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