Oct. 25, 2021

Professor co-edits, contributes to book on Indigenous economic development

The book addresses a range of topics, each does so in a way that sheds light on how Indigenous practices of law and governance support the social and economic development of Indigenous peoples.

Professor Robert Hamilton is the co-editor of the new book Wise Practices: Exploring Indigenous Economic Justice and Self-Determination, which offers readers a broad scope of perspectives, incorporating contemporary thought on Indigenous law and legal orders, the impact of state law on Indigenous peoples, theories and practices of economic development, and grounded practices of governances.

Robert co-authored the chapter "Economic Justice in Practice" which discusses Indigenous economic development in Canada using interviews with Indigenous leaders in the political and business spheres, as well as individuals working in Indigenous economic development in various capacities. 

Roberta is the sole author of the chapter "Looking Inward, Looking Outward: Finding Solutions in Indigenous International Law," which discusses examples of Indigenous peoples using Indigenous law and International law, both as alternatives to state law and as a means of directly challenging the imposition of that law.

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