Aug. 16, 2023

The Power of Determination

Four steps to help make your goals a reality.
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I'm excited to write about something I deeply believe in – the power of determination. Let's begin with a simple definition: determination is a harmonious combination of your attitudes and abilities to turn your goals into reality. It's like having a superpower that allows you to obtain what you want in life through intentional thoughts and taking purposeful actions. When you stay positive and strategically work towards your goals, determination becomes the driving force that transforms your aspirations into achievements and empowers you to create the life you imagine.

Curious to know how it works? Let's explore how to determine good grades at university:

Step 1: Be clear about what you want

Be clear about your goals and why they matter to you. For example, you can reflect, visualize, pray, meditate, or write down your intentions. Find a quiet place, take deep breaths, and imagine the joy of receiving excellent grades. Envision yourself achieving a perfect test score and feel the excitement of sharing the success with your loved ones.

Step 2: Work towards your goals

Determination is a team effort between your thoughts and actions. It's not enough to just wish for good grades. You need to take steps to make them happen. Create a study schedule, start studying well in advance, and set a goal to study consistently. By actively working towards your goals, you align yourself with the determination process.

Step 3: Let go of negative thoughts

Overcome negative thoughts that hold you back from achieving good grades. Replace them with positive affirmations like "I'm doing my best," "I have incorporated feedback and advice from an advisor, so I can overcome these challenges," or "I’ve got a good plan to study." Writing or reciting these affirmations helps combat negativity and allows positivity to flourish. Moreover, you can use these negative thoughts as check-in points to reflect on your strategies. If you find that something is not working or not producing good results, it is time to revise your plan or seek guidance from an advisor.

Step 4: Trust the process

Patience is key. Trust that the efforts you've made and the study strategies you've created support yourself, even if your desired grades don't come instantly or exactly as expected. Believe that your plan and hard work will lead to the best outcomes. Cultivating this faith throughout the journey is a powerful force.

Next Steps…

I hope this blog helps you better understand the concept of determination and how it works. I have practiced these steps for a long time, and I have achieved what I initially thought I couldn’t. Whenever I truly desire something, I write it down in a book, make a plan, follow through with it and believe that it will happen. This positivity drives me to work harder towards my goals because I know the outcome will be positive. Sometimes, all it takes is having faith in yourself and a willingness to try things out.