Sept. 27, 2021

Pluralism Award Gift Competition

The Alberta Foundatino for the Arts is seeking 5 separate artworks from the Department of Art and Art History. 5 students will receive $1,000 each.

Deadline Oct. 29, 2021

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts is seeking 5 separate artworks from the Department of Art and Art History. The 5 selected artworks will be gifted one each to the five winners of the AFA’s 2021-2022 Pluralism Awards. Each of the five competition winners will receive $1,000 as commission for their artwork production. We accept 2D, 3D and video production submissions.

About the Awards
The AFA Pluralism Awards annually recognizes individuals, group or organizations who demonstrate innovative and inclusive projects, policies, and ongoing practices in the arts and/ or through the arts that recognize, respect and value our differences.

Guiding principles (excerpt from AFA Pluralism policy)
The AFA believes in the full and equal participation of all citizens in the economy, polity, and society by first recognizing all form of difference. Difference is not restricted to what we can see or hear, but the full texture of what shapes our histories, experiences, and perspectives. Second respect difference. The goal of pluralism is not ‘sameness’. We do not need to agree with the other; but we must respect the other’s right to exist. In their existence, we respect their unique histories, experiences, and perspectives that shape their being and outlook. Third value difference. By recognizing and respecting what makes Albertans different, we set the stage to be able to value difference; innovation arises at the nexus of different ideas.

Artwork design guidelines
We will accept concept or artwork already completed (2D, 3D and video) that fulfill the goal and objectives of the award. The artwork must not exceed 10 kg. 2D work should not exceed the dimensions of 60 cm X 90 cm. 3D work length and width combination cannot exceed 150 cm. Video production must have a poster with a link to the web, so the viewer can see the production.

Juried work
The jury composition will include representatives from the University of Calgary and the Alberta Foundation of Arts.

Concept work Submission
If your concept work is selected, you will be provided with up to $200 to create your artwork (separate from the $1,000 award).

In your submission you must write one to two pages (maximum) explaining the artwork and its relation with pluralism. You must include pictures  (maximum 4,000 pixel on the long side at 96dpi) and provide dimensions of the artwork (for video the size of the poster).


Deadline: October 29, 2021

Please submit your artwork to: