Oct. 11, 2023

Open Access Week emphasizes public and academic community's best interests in approaches to open scholarship

Global initiative aims to promote the importance of community control of knowledge-sharing systems

UCalgary Library joins the global community in celebrating Open Access Week from Oct 23-28. The theme for this year is “Community Over Commercialization”, which is intended to encourage conversation about the public and academic community's best interests in approaches to open scholarship.

For those unfamiliar with open access, it might sound like a nebulous idea although it's deeply relevant to everyone at UCalgary - students, staff, faculty and researchers. Students benefit when scholarly material is made available as open access material. Faculty and researchers benefit when their work can be disseminated widely to people who need it most.

UCalgary Library supports Open Access and Open Scholarship through a variety of services and platforms including our repositories for research materials and research data, our journal hosting service, and the UCalgary Press. In addition to its website, the Press shares open access publications through Manifold and OApen.

The Library has put together a series of workshops and a curated list of resources for anyone interesting in learning more about the possibilities of open access scholarship. 


How to make your work Open Access without breaking the bank
Oct 25 | 12:30pm

UCalgary Journal Hosting Service
Oct 26 | 12:00pm

Open Access Week 


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