March 1, 2020

No time like the present

Do you ever feel like time moves too fast? As if one moment it’s the end of the semester, and the next summer is almost over? Learning how to stay present can help slow your perception of time’s passing, and increase your appreciation of each moment.
seedlings sprouting from small pots

Being present in the moment is at the core of all meditative practices, and is what mindfulness is all about. Learning mindfulness can help you reclaim your time from the relentless march forward of the clock – here’s how you do it.

  1. Focus your attention on your body, then breath.

Being embodied is something we all share, but most rarely think about. By practicing focusing your attention on your body’s sensations, over time you’ll learn to be in tune with how your body feels moment to moment. Mindfulness can help you enter a state of relaxation, which is good for reducing anxiousness and poor concentration, allowing you to be present for the things you’re doing.

  1. Bring mindfulness into your everyday life.

Instead of always sitting down in quiet for a meditation session, you can practice mindfulness as part of your everyday routine. Focus on your breath and your body’s feeling as you eat breakfast, take a shower or walk your dog. By being present in the moment when you’re doing typical things, you can start feeling more appreciative of these mundane moments.

herb plants in terracotta pots

Seedlings turn to sprouts

 3. Continue to practice.

Some practitioners recommend as little as ten minutes a day (Moore, Gruber, Derose, & Malinowski, 2012), which makes it easy to practice mindfulness often. Staying motivated can be hard – especially when you’re on summer vacation – but committing to doing a short meditation daily can help boost your memory, your body’s ability to heal, better job performance, better focus and academic achievement. Try a variety of practices so your routine doesn’t become boring or stale.

For more ways to practice mindfulness, check out our online mindfulness program or guided group programs.