April 30, 2020

Mental health services available during COVID-19

Here is a list of resources and services that you can access when you need to:

Self-Help Resources

Workshops and support groups

Student support and counselling

FAQ (existing clients)

The website says to fill out this online form. What happens once I submit the form? 

  • In 1-2 business days a member of the team will phone you to schedule an appointment. Appointments can only be booked and confirmed by phone.

I’m already seeing a counsellor through Student Wellness Services. Can I request a follow-up appointment? How do I get in touch with them?

How will the distance sessions be different from in-person sessions?

  • Distance sessions will be similar to standard counselling sessions, but keep in mind that visual cues will be absent if the session is by phone, and that there might be other limitations (such as the internet connection, call interference, and/or distractions in your environment).

FAQ (new clients)

I’m new to accessing Student Wellness Services. Can I still access support?

  • Yes! You can access support by filling out this online form. You simply request an appointment, and the best time of day you can be reached by phone.

What should I expect after I submit my appointment request form?

  • In 1-2 business days, a member of the team will contact you via phone to schedule a Single Session Counselling appointment. Appointments can only be booked and confirmed by phone.

How long will I have to wait before my appointment?

  • Appointments are typically available 4-5 business days from the date you submit your appointment request form.

What is the process for new clients?

  • Once your appointment is booked you will be sent an email confirmation that also includes a link that you must follow and complete the additional required forms. Usually the day prior to your appointment your counsellor will email you the appointment link that you will access at your scheduled appointment time.
  • For your counselling appointment you will have about an hour to explore concerns, gain insights, and co-create some ideas and strategies you can leave the appointment with.
  • Before you meet with a counsellor, consider what you want to be different as a result of accessing counselling. Think about how you'll know if counselling is (or has been) helping.