July 15, 2021

Meet our Newest Graduate: Salman Shah

Salman Shah graduated with a BA from the Department of Political Science in 2017
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Let’s Meet an UCalgary Political Science Alumni: Salman Shah! 

We interviewed him on the invaluable skills a BA in Political Science has to offer, pursuing a JD and MBA in Ottawa, working as a policy analyst for the federal government… and his advice for future students considering the University of Calgary.


Can you tell us a little bit about how you decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in Political Science? 

I was interested in a lot of the concepts that political science deals with such as governance, power, political thought, public policy, and international relations. This naturally led me to pursuing an undergraduate degree in this discipline.  


Salman Shah

Where has your BA in Political Science taken you now?  

My BA in Political Science eventually led me to pursuing a JD and an MBA. The core competencies I learned throughout my BA such as writing, reading, and communication skills provided me tremendous advantage while I completed my subsequent education. Having the ability to effectively communicate and understand complex ideas is a very valuable skill. The BA in Political Science helps you hone these skills as the program involves reading and analyzing world events, understanding academic theories and literature, and effectively communicating your understanding of them. Alongside this, graduates with a BA in Political Science are well equipped with foundational research skills. I found these skills particularly helpful while I worked as a policy analyst for the federal government in Ottawa! 

Further, as I transitioned into my career, I found the communication skills I picked up throughout my BA in Political Science to be helpful in my professional life as well, as these skills help you to better convey solutions to organisational problems and needs, to become more efficient, and ultimately to add value to your organization in various business functions.

Do you have any words of advice for those considering the University of Calgary and specifically the Department of Political Science for post-secondary education?  

The University of Calgary is an excellent institution. Anyone interested in political science and its various disciplines will receive a quality education in this field at the University of Calgary. In particular, the Department of Political Science has phenomenal professors who understand the discipline well and engage students in their study. I highly recommend the University of Calgary and the Department of Political Science because here students will receive a value-added education and the opportunity to build core competencies that can be leveraged in various post-graduate circumstances.  

 Thanks for sharing Salman Shah!