July 5, 2021

Meet our Newest Graduate: Connor Molineaux!

Convocating June 2021 with a Master’s degree from UCalgary Department of Political Science
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Meet Our Newest Graduate!

Connor Molineaux’s MA thesis was entitled “Contagion in the West: The Survival and Success of the CCF-NDP in Western Canada” and written under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Sayers


Tell us a bit about your thesis! What was it about and what were its main arguments?

Western Canada had an explosion of new political parties in the twentieth century, and many of them were quite successful. But by the end of the century, all but one of them had disappeared. My thesis tries to explain how that one party, the NDP, has managed to survive and succeed at winning elections into the 2020s while its contemporaries could not. I argue that the NDP has had a uniquely strong core of activist members who firmly believe in the party’s ideals. This has allowed the party to survive through times of political turmoil where the members of other parties have been more likely to jump ship.


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Any favourite memories from your research or at UCalgary Political Science you’d like to share?

I think I learned nearly as much from the friends I made in grad school as I did in the seminar room and in conducting my research. We spent countless hours talking about not just what we were working on, but all sorts of topics that interested us. And it no doubt helped to have excellent professors who left us with no shortage of tough questions to think about!

What your plans for the future?

Grad school helped me develop research and analytical skills as much or more as it helped me learn about my thesis topic. I’m hoping to apply those skills to some new problems in industry or government. I’m not exactly sure where that will take me next, but I feel well prepared!

Any final words of advice?

Graduate school gives you a unique amount of freedom to explore the things that interest you. Take advantage of that time to read and discuss widely! Don’t be afraid of the occasional intellectual diversion.


Congratulations Connor Molineaux on your degree!

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