Feb. 16, 2021

Making the most of your semester online - Part 3 : Career preparation

We all had high hopes for normalcy in 2021 but here we are continuing to study and work remotely. Whether this is your third semester of online learning or your first, here are some tips from our own UCalgary experts to help you get through the term.
career prep
You can still make connections and advance your career in an online environment.

Liliana Gonzalez, a career development specialist with Career Services, gave the following advice.

  • It can be difficult to stay motivated with an online job search when your lectures and social connections are all online as well. Think about the industries, organizations and roles you’re interested in and look at how they align with your skills, your values and your personality too.
  • It’s important to celebrate small accomplishments. Whether you reached your goal of submitting a certain number of applications, made a connection or got an interview, it’s important to acknowledge these achievements.
  • Have a strong digital presence. For example, you can create an online portfolio, a blog or a LinkedIn profil - any of these tools will help you stand out. You should also make sure you’re comfortable using digital meeting platforms like Zoom.
  • Networking is key. Set up informational interviews with people who have your dream job. You can also connect with UCalgary alumni. So many employer events and conferences are taking place online. Attend any that pique your interest and make connections to help grow your network.
  • Take advantage of labour market information to help with your career development.  Learn what’s in demand and what isn’t so you can better cater your job search.