Nov. 22, 2023

Making Informed Decisions in the face of Academic Challenges

The SSC is here to help you navigate the difficult situations that can arise during the semester.
Student thinking

The Student Success Centre recognizes that unexpected events that affect your academics may occur. This could include family issues, unanticipated low grades, or ill health. The burden of navigating these challenges combined with not knowing which next steps to take can be an overwhelming experience.  

If you’re uncertain about what to do when challenges arise, the Troubleshooting Course Challenges web page presents four student scenarios that align with common unexpected events. Each scenario offers a list of resources to equip you with the right information and point you to other units across campus where you can find necessary support. 

Curious about the types of challenges we discuss?  

What to do when you miss an assessment – In this situation, learn about Jack’s options for missing their midterm due to health challenges.  

How to defer term work – This scenario introduces Ahmed, who could not complete his assignments on time due to a family emergency.  

What happens when you withdraw from a course – Follow Ingrid’s experiencing in considering whether or not to withdraw from a course.  

What happens when you defer your exams and what it means to request an extenuating circumstance withdrawal – In this situation, Caleb is considering deferring his final exams or requesting extenuating circumstances withdrawals from all his courses due to mental health concerns. 

While our Troubleshooting Course Challenges web page provides overview information on common scenarios, our academic support team is available to provide you with additional one-on-one support to answer your questions and help you finish out the semester.