Sept. 17, 2021

Looking for Study Spaces on Campus?

With classes and some student services taking place both online and in person, you may find yourself on campus and in need of a space to attend a lecture or an appointment. Below, you will find a list of open classrooms, bookable spaces, and a link to the interactive campus study spaces map.
Student studying

Open Classrooms

The following classrooms are available for study use or attending an online lecture: ICT 102, ST 131, ST 135, SA 129, SB 142, CHC 119, PF 110, EDC 386

If you’re new to campus or need help locating these rooms, try the Interactive Campus Room Finder

Bookable Rooms

There are many bookable spaces available in the Taylor Family Digital Library. Access the Library’s booking page to reserve a computer workstation, study space, or work room.


The University has created a study space map that indicates the location and capacity of different study spaces around campus. Check back with the map throughout the semester as it is being updated as spaces are added. The Student’s Union also offers a study space map with additional indicators such as the type of lighting, popularity of the space, and proximity to food and washroom facilities.

When selecting your study space, ask yourself: Do I need privacy for a student services appointment? Do I need a space where you can verbally participate, or just a place to listen to a lecture? Are there limits on how much time I can spend in the space? Does the space have technology I can use, or do I need to bring your own? These questions will help you select the most appropriate study space for your needs!