List of LRC Initiatives for 2023 - 2024 & How to Apply

Faculty members and graduate students are encouraged to apply to LRC for funding for initiatives that are related to research, teaching, and community engagement in the areas covered by LRC (Theoretical Linguistics, Language Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics, and Literary and Cultural Studies). Below is a list of initiatives. Applicants should send the following to the LRC Director, Mushegh Asatryan, at (either in the body of the email, or as a word document):

  1. A brief paragraph explaining the nature of their initiative, including the following information:
    1. What is the initiative?
    2. Who is the prospective audience, if relevant (e.g., UofC faculty and students, Calgary/Alberta residents, etc.) and/or participants?
  2. How much money are you requesting?
  3. A breakdown of expenses. 

Please note that the initiatives should take place before March 2024.


List of Initiatives

  1. Academic and Professional Development Events (up to $2000)

Colleagues are encouraged to apply for any type of initiative that has to do with exchange or ideas, research, and the like (e.g., invited lectures, honoraria for speakers, workshops, etc.) and for professional development.

  1. High Profile Event (up to $3000)

Colleagues are encouraged to invite an internationally renowned scholar to give a talk and otherwise engage with the UofC community. The scholar’s work should fall within the disciplines covered by LRC, namely language pedagogy, theoretical and applied linguistics, and literary and cultural studies (broadly conceived). In order for the event to be of interest to the entire SLLLC community, we encourage you to invite scholars whose work articulates a broad vision at the intersection of two or more disciplines (e.g., linguistics and literature).

  1. Graduate Fellows ($2000 each) 

LRC will appoint one continuing graduate student (or one team of two graduate students) from the two graduate programs in SLLLC as LRC Graduate Fellow.

Each fellow will receive a scholarship of $1,000, plus $1,000 to support activities that have to do with community outreach and/or exchange of ideas (invited talks, workshops, etc.). Ideally, the activity will engage an audience not just from within but from outside the UofC campus. 


  1. Community Outreach (up to $2000)


  1. Special initiatives (up to $500)