March 6, 2020

Lina Kattan shares what drives her transportation technology research

Schulich prof and her grad students explore how to harness emerging technology to better cope with transportation pollution, congestion and safety risks
Lina Kattan
Lina Kattan

In 2019, Dr. Lina Kattan, PhD, was inducted into the Royal Society of Canada College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, in recognition of her leadership in the field of emerging technologies for transportation systems.

Kattan is a professor in the Schulich School of Engineering, the Urban Alliance Professor in Transportation System Optimization, and program director of CREATE-Integrated Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities. She collaborates extensively with municipal and industry partners to develop intelligent transportation system solutions and advanced control of traffic systems, and to assess the impacts of emerging vehicular technologies.

Kattan’s research is highly interdisciplinary, including collaborations with other professors from geomatics engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, urban planning, and behavioural analysis. Her research in advanced traffic and transit operation has resulted in innovative solutions.

These include variable speed limit systems that respond to traffic, dynamic congestion pricing, optimal traffic sensor locations, traffic and transit demand estimation based on cell phone and automatic passenger counter data, bus arrival prediction, transit operation under evacuation management and behavioural responses to emerging technologies and real-time traffic and transit information.

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