Nov. 19, 2021

Let’s Meet a UCalgary Political Science Undergrad: Murad Iskandarov!

On having an interest in politics since 4th grade and choosing our department for its expertise!
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Murad Iskandarov is a 1st year major in the Department of Political Science

We discuss his interest in politics since 4th grade, choosing our Dept for its expertise, loving Canadian politics in comparative perspective, and… hopes for the future plus advice!


If we asked when you were in High School what you planned to study at University what would you have told us?

I have had an interest in the field of politics since I was in fourth grade, and I knew that it would be the sphere in which I would want to exercise myself in. However, I would lie if I said that I did not consider alternatives in my time in high school and as many students who become interested in politics, I also debated whether to study International Relations or Political Science. However I would ultimately decide to study Political Science because it seemed to me personally that it covers a larger scope of the field as a whole.

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So, how did you come to study Political Science at UCalgary?

With the intention of studying Political Science, as an International Student I understood that Canada would be a great destination for this field. Since I have been in eighth grade, I have developed an interest in Canadian Comparative Politics and I also express a desire to learn more about Canadian culture. Upon receiving the opportunity to study Political Science at the University of Calgary, I took it, which in particular interested me due to the number of prominent professors the University has in its department. Thus, my educational journey at UCalgary began.

Where do you hope your degree might take you?

In all honesty, while I do have a clear picture in my mind of where I want to be, I do recognize that I would feel interested in a multitude of areas to which a degree in political science can take me too. Foremost of all, I wish to become an Intelligence Officer tasked with counter-terrorism, as intelligence work has always interested me from an early age and I believe that with the knowledge I will gain from completing a Political Science degree, I will be able to become a better analyst and crisis manager to suit this profile.

Finally, any advice for students who are considering Political Science?

First of all, you need to be able to think both practically and theoretically in order to analyze topics better. However just in general, as it is with any degree out there you need to be confident in yourself and stay optimistic to truly be prepared.


Thanks Murad Iskandarov for sharing with us!