Sept. 10, 2020

Leading the Way: Exec Ed launches new Strategic Leadership Development Program

Shift your focus from day-to-day tasks to thinking more strategically while simultaneously becoming a more effective, resilient and dynamic leader.

Haskayne Executive Education has been delivering Business Essentials, our flagship leadership development program, for more than twenty years. It has been an immensely successful program, helping hundreds of leaders develop new ways of thinking, implement new tools and resources, and enhance their leadership skills. However, over the past several months, as the impact of the coronavirus began to be felt, we took the opportunity to rethink some of our programming. We have shifted to online delivery for the majority of our programs and will likely continue to deliver our programs virtually for several months to come. In this shift to online learning we have incorporated significant changes to our program design and delivery models. We have updated our learning outcomes and determined how best to meet them, while still providing our learners with an engaging and impactful learning experience in a dynamic, virtual environment.

We have thus redesigned our Business Essentials program to better fit the changed environment in which we all now live and work. Not only will the program be delivered fully online, running from December 2020 to July 2021, there will be significantly more integration between topics and themes, as we look to provide our participants with a truly elevated learning experience. We are also shifting the tone of the sessions. Rather than offering fundamentals or introductions to various topics, there is an increased focus on strategy, decision-making, and leadership. We have retained everything that worked well in Business Essentials, while ensuring greater integration and cohesion between topics and themes. What is not changing is our emphasis on relevancy and real-world results. Given the increased focus on strategy and leadership, the program has thus been renamed the Strategic Leadership Development Program.

The Strategic Leadership Development Program will be a mixture of live, interactive online workshops and self-directed online modules. Sessions are deliberately spaced to allow sufficient time to digest materials, to practice concepts and tools, and to discuss ideas with colleagues. Between the live sessions, learning engagement activities provide continuity and connection. The interwoven topics and activities are built into a flexible frame, with a mentored Action Learning Project and Personal Leadership Development Plan providing structure around the program’s themes.

A critical success measure of the Strategic Leadership Development Program is ensuring that what is learned is applied to real, relevant, and timely business issues and opportunities. The Action Learning Project process is designed to provide an opportunity for learners to practically apply program content, assess knowledge gained, and drive action through critical thinking and effective communication.

The Action Learning Project is not additional or tangential work. It is designed in consultation with senior leadership within your organization and guided through an in-depth mentorship process to produce tangible outcomes that are beneficial to both you and your organization.

As Dr. Derek Hassay, Action Learning Project Mentor, says, ““It may sound simple, but in order to practice leadership one must ‘practice’ leadership. The Strategic Leadership Development Program goes beyond theory and content delivery to focus on the application of tools and concepts. Practice, such as this, enhances understanding and content ‘stickiness’. The Action Learning Project takes application a step further as it encourages participants to realize real world value from the knowledge gained during the program.”

Running in parallel throughout the program are leadership components designed to enhance your leadership practice. Over the course of the program participants will identify their current leadership capabilities and track how they have grown, improved, and changed as a leader. Throughout the program learners will complete two self-assessments, which will help them to identify their improvement goals and create a customized leadership development plan. They will receive one-on-one coaching from a certified leadership coach, who will help them to further develop a pragmatic plan for their leadership practice.

Dr. Fred Jacques, Executive Coach and Leadership Lead for the program stated that, “The Strategic Leadership Development Program offers a highly integrated learning framework that delivers key leadership knowledge in a fluid and interactive environment. The leadership assessments and individual coaching sessions supplement the more formal learning with key personal insights and a pathway to improvement through a goal-oriented Leadership Development Plan.”

This program has been thoughtfully designed to help you become a more effective leader, strategic thinker, and agent of change within your organization. It will appeal to both experienced managers and high potential leaders from across all levels of the organization, including those who are working towards a more senior position, who are being asked to take on enhanced leadership responsibilities, or who are developing into a role that requires a more strategic outlook.

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