Aug. 17, 2022

Lab NEXT Block Week Workshops: August 29-September 2

UCalgary Students, Faculty and Staff are invited to register for workshops that support learning and research

As part of Libraries and Cultural Resources’ commitment to support academic success, Lab NEXT is proud to host an interdisciplinary series of workshops for the UCalgary community.

During the Fall 2022 Block Week, Lab NEXT will offer 17 workshops intended to support research and learning for students, faculty and staff.

If you’re a new undergraduate student at UCalgary, take advantage of Digital File Management 101. If you’re a seasoned researcher, eager to make your work more readily available without spending a fortune, don’t miss the Open Access session. If you want to expand your knowledge of software and visualization tools – there are multiple workshops that will equip you to rethink the way you learn and work.  

Lab NEXT’s mission is to facilitate interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and creation at UCalgary with state-of-the-art facilities and learning opportunities - to help you be a better student, researcher, teacher and staff member.

Basic Survey Building and Distributing Using Qualtrics
Researchers! Surveys are incredibly useful…when made correctly. Come learn how to use Qualtrics to build and distribute a survey that will give you useful feedback.

Data Visualization with Tableau
Learn how to use Tableau software to quickly and easily create dynamic data visualizations.

Data Visualization and Tools
Students! This workshop will focus on making charts through data encoding and provide an overview of data visualization tools and software freely at UCalgary.

Digital File Management 101
Students! If you want to keep yourself organized, learn how to manage your digital files and research materials. Being consistent and documenting your file and folder naming are key components to your success at UCalgary.

Foundations in Open Educational Resources (OER)
What are OERs? This workshop will provide you with an understanding about OERs, approaches for integrating them into teaching and learning practices and ways for accessing and assessing resources and tools.

How to Deposit Your Data in PRISM Data
How could you deposit datasets in the institutional data repository? Come and learn how to share your data for longer term access. Bring your dataset if you wish to create an account and start depositing data.

How to Make your Work Open Access without Breaking the Bank
Scholars! Can you spare 30 minutes to learn how to make your work open access? With a focus on no-fee options? You can’t afford to miss this.

Introduction to GIS and the ArcGIS Platform
Did you know spatial data can provide important understandings for research across a variety of disciplines? The ArcGIS software demonstrated in this workshop is free to University of Calgary researchers!

Introduction to R: Part 1
R is programming language that is exceptional for statistics, data science, and machine learning.  Want to learn how to use this powerful tool?  This tutorial is full of short exercises and code examples; no software installation is required to attend.

Introduction to R: Part 2
Learn to read and write R scripts to do computations, data manipulation and simple analysis. You will get hands-on coding experience via a web application. No software installation is required to attend.

Introduction to the One-Button Studio and Media Desktops
Need to create video projects? Want to learn how to incorporate different backgrounds using iMovie? The One-Button Studio makes video-production easy and it’s available for all UCalgary students, faculty and staff.

LaTeX and Overleaf
Thesis and Graduate Students! Do you know how to produce professional documents and PDF files? Learn how to typeset your papers and dissertation.

Qualitative Data Visualization
Learn about a variety of data visualization techniques for working with text, networks, hierarchies, and other non-numeric datasets.

Research Data Management 101
Faculty, Post Docs, Grad Students! Learn how to implement best practices for research data management in your research and scholarship.

Research Data Management 101 for Health Sciences
Health Sciences students! Learn about research data management and how to implement best practices in your own project.

Virtual Reality Tour & Demonstration
The Taylor Family Digital Library has a variety of virtual reality hardware and spaces to support your research, learning and teaching.

Visualization Studio Demo
When 2 (or 3) screens just aren’t enough. Come and see how people have used the Visualizations Studio – a large, multi-touch enabled 5 meter by 2 meter display wall. The Studio can be booked by faculty, students, and staff.