Sept. 20, 2019

Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business brings diverse perspectives to graduate business students

Catherine Bell and Art Korpach, 2019-2020 Co-Fellows, create connections to enhance students’ leadership journeys
Catherine Bell and Art Korpach
Catherine Bell and Art Korpach

Learning from leaders in the community is what the Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management is about. Since the fellowship was founded in 2006, there have been 12 executives who have shared their expertise and connections with students at the Haskayne School of Business. This year, Catherine Bell continues as a co-fellow and Art Korpach is joining for his two-year term.

“When I did my MBA I had many opportunities where the key business leaders were made available to us to discuss their companies and industries,” says Korpach. “I was initially surprised at why experienced CEOs would pay such close attention to what students were saying about their companies, until I realized that the best leaders want perspective and ideas.”

  • Photo above: Catherine Bell and Art Korpach, 2019-2020 Co-Fellows. Photo by Kelly Hofer, for the Haskayne School of Business

Stephen Jarislowsky shares in the video below his inspiration for creating the fellowship. “We felt that there was one element missing and that was for the students to meet people who could be an inspiration of what you should be aiming for.” He chose the Haskayne School of Business for this innovative program because of his close relationship with Dick Haskayne, as well as his company’s long history in the city. The Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management was created with support from a gift from the Jarislowsky Foundation.

The fellowship is being delivered under the umbrella of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business within Haskayne. Throughout the academic year, students can attend the signature Dinner and Discussion series in the fall and a number of other events designed to expose students to a holistic perspective to enhance their business practice.

“I enjoyed the variety of experiences around cultivating our own personal leadership canvases,” says Catherine Bell of her first year as a Jarislowsky Co-Fellow in Business. “I realized most people deeply care about the future of organizations. Most things we do are in some form of organization and all of us are the difference.”

The program focuses on cultivating an appreciation of the arts, international culture, religion, politics and diversity while at the same time connecting students to a rich network of professionals. Last year, students were able to attend a session on Art and Leadership at the Glenbow Museum and another on Sport and Leadership at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

The first opportunity to connect with this year’s fellows will be at a meet and greet event on Sept. 20, which will include W. Brett Wilson speaking about the future of Alberta. The next opportunity is the Dinner and Discussion scheduled for Oct. 25. The fellows invite their community to connect with Haskayne students at these events. Between the two fellows and their networks, a variety of industries and business perspectives are represented. Connections are often created that extend beyond the events.

Meet the 2019-2020 Jarislowsky Co-Fellows in Business Management

Catherine Bell is returning to her role as co-fellow. Bell co-founded BluEra, a Profit 500 executive search and team transformation company. Bell has authored a Nautlius Award-winning book titled The Awakened Company, and now consults through a company with the same name.

“I also loved how diverse, broad-minded, and practical the students are at Haskayne,” says Bell. “I look forward to interacting with the students and learning from them.”

Art Korpach is joining Bell this year as co-fellow. Korpach is a former vice-chairman investment banking of CIBC World Markets, where he managed the firm’s global oil and gas business. His 27 years of experience includes providing advice on strategy, business plans, capital structure, credit, financing, and mergers and acquisitions. He is interested in the development of Calgary’s business startup community and is currently an associate with the Creative Destruction Lab Rockies at the Haskayne School of Business.

“I hope to be able to share some of my learnings and experiences with the MBA students,” says Korpach. “I am excited to give back to the university and Haskayne Business School and to contribute to this wonderful program.”

  • Image gallery, above: In 2018-2019, Haskayne graduate students connected with business leaders through multiple events through the Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management: the annual Dinner and Discussion, Arts and Leadership hosted at the Glenbow Museum, Lunch with Leaders hosted at the university’s main campus and downtown location and Sports and Leadership hosted at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.