Oct. 26, 2020


Everyone needs to ask for help sometimes
student seeking help from friend
student seeking help from friend

When was the last time you needed help? Did you seek support or did you try to go it alone? If you didn’t reach out for help, you are not alone.  It turns out taking steps to ask for help can difficult for lots of us.  

This month, the Student Success Centre blog will feature a series of videos discussing personal experiences with asking for help. We hope it gives you a chance to reflect on your own help-seeking stories and reminds you that everyone asks for help from time to time!

Week 4

Watch former Olympic athlete and graduate student Jasmine recall the shift from negative to positive self-talk after seeking academic support.

Week 3

Watch Estefania, a PhD student, remember the moment she realized that it was okay to get help navigating education in a new country.

Week 2

Support program coordinator Alaa Dabboor remembers his own writing challenges and how a friend reached out to help him seek writing support.

Week 1

Dr. Jessica Cohen, our Scholars Academy coordinator, recalls asking for help in her first semester of undergrad.