Nov. 7, 2019

Graduate student invited to speak at Viking exhibit

PhD candidate Emily Peshcel was at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis recently as an invited presenter.

Congratulations to Emily Peschel (PhD candidate) who was invited to speak alongside some top-tier Viking scholars at the closing ceremonies of a museum exhibit called "The Vikings Begin" at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis on October 5, 2019.

Quite an honor to be invited to speak with renowned Viking scholars such as Birgitta Wallace of Parks Canada. The exhibit, The Vikings Begin, was hosting a collection of early Viking boat burial artifacts from May 17–October 27, 2019.  The installation featured Viking helmets, swords, jewelry, glass vessels, bowls and other objects with historical significance, that tell stories about the people buried with them and the society they belonged to. The exhibition is on its first tour outside of Scandinavia and was produced by Sweden’s Uppsala University and its Gustavianum museum.

Dr. Anne Katzenberg is Peschel's supervisor. 

Great representation Emily!

The Vikings Begin presenters

Program and abstracts of speakers at "The Vikings Begin" closing ceremony.