March 8, 2023

Global Experience 2023

UCalgary Geomatics Engineering Students Gain Valuable Industry Insights on Denver Global Experience Trip
Denver Trip
Sayeh Bayat

In February 2023, the Geomatics Engineering Department at the University of Calgary organized a transformative global experience trip to Denver, Colorado, aimed at providing its students with unique opportunities to learn and grow both academically and professionally. This initiative was financially subsidized by the Schulich School of Engineering and its supporters. The trip was led by two faculty advisors, Dr. Ivan Detchev and Dr. Sayeh Bayat, and two graduate student advisors, Kelly Long and Wade Zhang, along with a group of sixteen enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students.

Denver is renowned for being the technological hub for the Mountain West states and is home to many geomatics engineering-related companies, some of which have close partnerships with the department. The group visited several of these companies, including Trimble Inc., Structure & Tangram Vision, Intermap Technologies Inc., ESRI, Lockheed Martin Space, and Propeller Aero. The companies provided the students with inspiring presentations and hands-on demonstrations of equipment while alumni and other company employees shared valuable insights into the industry.

The group also took some time to explore the city's cultural landmarks, including the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre and Fiske Planetarium. Group discussions and written self-reflection activities provided the students with an opportunity to reflect on their learnings and experiences.

The trip was made possible thanks to the efforts of Stephanie Michaud, Strategic Marketing Manager at Trimble Inc. in Westminster, Colorado, and a UCalgary Geomatics Engineering alumna, who played a crucial role in the trip's planning.

The trip provided the students with valuable insights into geomatics technology and its real-life applications. They had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and alumni, gaining valuable knowledge and making important connections for their future careers.

The Geomatics Engineering Department at the University of Calgary is committed to providing its students with transformative learning experiences, and this global experience trip to Denver was a remarkable example of that commitment. The department looks forward to continuing to offer such trips in the future, providing its students with unique opportunities to learn and grow both academically and professionally.

Photo 1

Our group utlizing the Propeller Aero’s cutting-edge equipment and drones to collect precise survey data for enhanced geospatial analysis

Sayeh Bayat


The group getting hands-on experience with Trimble surveying equipment

Sayeh Bayat

Photo 3

A group photo at Lockheed Martin in Denver, Colorado

Sayeh Bayat

Photo 4

UCalgary Geomatics Engineering students engaged in group briefing and self-reflection discussions, reflecting on their industry insights gained during the global experience trip to Denver

Sayeh Bayat